Reflecting on 2020

2020 or the pandemic year was something everyone will wish to delete from their lives. It was a challenging year, something no one was prepared for. Not even WHO. In this post I wish to just highlight few life events worth sharing with the world.

Rough start

I remember Jan 2020, we just came back from a wonderful vacation in the mountains. We were energised, full of energy, ready to take on the new year. But fate has different plans for us. By the end of February, we ( by we, I mean me and my wife ) were ill. And then the lockdown happened.

The whole world was trapped inside their homes. It was indeed difficult at first but then everyone starting adapting to the new normal.

Avoiding handshakes and wearing face masks was the new normal. Roaming around freely was a thing of the past now.

2020 felt like an eternity

2020 was one of the longest years I have lived. Why? Because we had an enormous amount of time with us. Remember lockdown?

I did pick up my drawing skills, after 17 long years. This also made me wonder why did I leave it in the first place. I always enjoyed drawing, it somehow gives me a feeling of executing something with my bare hands. Away from the keyboard. Although I am still using my iPad for drawing but wish to pick up on pencil and drawing books soon. 🤞

What went well

2020 home cooking The pandemic and the lockdown ensured everyone around the world learned how to cook and clean the house. It also meant we were spending more time with each other. My wife finally left her job and decided to explore the world and opportunities on her own terms.

Plans for 2021

  • continue writing for this blog
  • continue my drawing habit
  • combine drawing, writing & coding skills to deliver meaningful content.
  • grow audience for this blog.
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