About Me

👋 Hey there, I am Anurag

Indie maker building products on the internet 🤓

Currently building: Product Logs

Little Background

I have an insatiable interest for online technology and digital publishing. During my early days with the internet I was quite obsessed with the latter. The same obsession taught me how things work in the online world and how can I can be a part of it too. It was around the same time that I picked up blogging. I had this nagging desire to create things in life and writing fulfilled my wishes to some extent. Later on I also worked for few startups as a writer which was a moral booster.

Fast forward to present: I write both for humans & machines. But the desire to create things on internet still exits, which ultimately drives me forward.

Journey so far

I have been working with startups for over 9 years. I have been the first employee for number of startups. Sometimes working as backend developer, sometimes as frontend developer. Early staged startups taught me everything about technology and how software works.

I have a full-time job as a frontend developer. I usually work on my hobby projects (this blog is one of them).

Apart from software and startups I also have keen interest in making random sketches/illustration. A skill I started learning when I was around 5 year old. Through this blog I intent to combine my drawing & technical knowledge to provide value for my readers.

In my spare time I like to get my hands dirty with gardening and experiment with barista coffee making.

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