Productlogz got approved for Google for Startups Cloud Program

Productlogz has been approved for the Google for Startups Cloud Program! This means that our startup will receive $2,000 USD in Google Cloud credits over the next two years.

What This Means for Productlogz

For those who might not be familiar, Productlogz is a feedback management platform designed to help businesses keep track of user feedback, manage a public roadmap, handle feature requests, and maintain a changelog.

As we continue to grow, one of our primary challenges has been managing the server and hosting costs. With the $2,000 USD in Google Cloud credits, we can now allocate more resources towards improving our platform without worrying about these costs for a while.

The credits will also enable us to create separate environments for development and testing. This will help us experiment with new features and fixes without affecting the live environment. It’s a great way to ensure that our updates are smooth and bug-free.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey to make Productlogz the best feedback management platform out there!

Happy coding!

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