There's a better way to live your life.

There’s a better way to live your life.

Everyone at some point in their life have faced tough times. And by tough I mean you are down on your knees begging and crying. If you have never faced then you have not lived enough or you are a saint. (Please contact if you satisfy this criteria.)

After spending 30+ years on this planet, I have observed a pattern to life- our miserable conditions don’t last long. It will pass just like the happy times. In fact, both go hand in hand and both compliment each other. If you have never faced sorrow, you will never appreciate the importance of happiness. Continue reading if you agree with me on this point.

The cycle of sorrow and happiness

Now, if both happiness and sorrow work in tandem why do we stress ourselves when things don’t go in our favour. Let me explain more on this with an example- you didn’t get that promotion you had worked day and night for. You get sad that things didn’t go as planned. But, there’s no reason that you should mourn over it for days and weeks, cribbing over it with your friends and relatives. This negative emotion will put you in a black hole, where you will keep getting sad with each passing day.

On the other hand if you can understand this feeling of yours ( of not getting promoted ), is just a part of life and with time you will get over it, you can focus on better things which are to come in life.

Stop living on what others are preaching

Next thing what I have seen not working out for most is mindlessly copying what others are preaching. You need to understand every person living on this planet is different. If something works out for one person there’s no guarantee it will work out for you too.

Yes, you can take inspiration from others but never try to copy them completely. It will only lead to a path of unhappiness. Take inspiration, cherry pick what you like about someone’s life and see if it fits your life. If not try to tweak it accordingly.

Stop living in a timetable

I have seen countless example of how people live their life with every minute detailed and planned out in a spreadsheet. So much so that they are not even available for anything else. Every activity, even the number of breath they take is planned ( just kidding!). If it is working out for them it’s good.

But honestly I feel as if someone has programmed your life and entered into a machine .

Living life should not be this hard. There should be enough freedom to do things you like on an everyday basis. Things that you make you happy and content.

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