You don’t have to start from scratch

How many times have we seen people excelling in life and then consoled ourselves saying that they are successful because of an unfair advantage? Sounds familiar right ?

While having such thoughts we often forget that we might also have some unfair advantage over others. If you don’t agree with me, keep reading. I say this because everyone has their own history of upbringing which is different from others. Everyone has their own perceptions about the world around. You might have lived around 20–30 years on earth or even more. What you should know is that you have those years of experience backing you.

Everyone has some kind of unfair advantage over others

As an employee/student/entrepreneur/freelancer/artist, whenever we wish to start something, we think we are starting from scratch. But in reality you are not. You have your years of experience backing you up. This includes all the things that you might have done consciously or subconsciously.

Let me put out few examples of myself where I find myself blessed to have an unfair advantage:

  • Sketching — My parents had me enrolled in sketching classes in my early years as a kid. Years later that knowledge still helps me in my job as a frontend developer.
  • Blogging — I love writing, I spent most of my college years writing articles and blogging on my personal blog. As a result of my extensive involvement at writing/blogging I not only became familiar with technology and working with Wordpress, I was also hired by world renowned bloggers and major tech publications.
  • Side-income - I see people dreaming of earning a side-income everyday, while I earned mine in my first year of college with the help of blogging. I now have experience as how to make those extra bucks right from your desktop.
  • Freelancing - Moving from small gigs I also ended up having a successful freelancing career in the past, earning up to around 2k dollar in less than a year. I not only earned but also gained a substantial experience by working with multiple clients around the world.

Just like any person on earth, I used to believe I am not special and I don’t have any special advantage. Guess what! I was wrong.

Think twice if you are also aligned with the same negative mindset. If you have lived on Earth for 30 years, well you have 30 years of experience to your name. You have 30 years of struggles and failures to your name, which only you have witnessed.

You are reading this article, that means you have electricity, internet connection, a laptop and a good primary education. Now, I am not into numbers but a lot of people in the world still do not have access to these. Getting my point?

You may not realise this but you might be already reaping benefits of your unfair advantages. No matter what journey you are planning to start, just remember you never really start from scratch!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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