The desire to create!

Ever since I can remember or from what I can remember, I always had this nagging desire to create something

I have shared this line in many interviews. Today I want to share the underlying story behind it.

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The first time I had this feeling I thought of writing. Writing gives you the power to create articles, poems and narrate stories around fictional characters. Characters which do not exist in the real world. The only problem was my english was very poor and school grades were a perfect evidence to support that. This stopped me from writing even a single sentence for a long time. I used to think what if my write up is not appreciated. But the reality was that in order to get to the point where people would criticise my colorless scribe, I had to write!!

Now, that I understood the real problem, I started making efforts. What did I do? I started reading more. Books were hard to get in the town where I lived. I had performed miserably in my high school examinations and my chances of getting into college were very poor. Let’s just say my family didn’t had a positive opinion to my new hobby.

It took me sometime to discover there was a blogging world on the internet where you usually don’t have to pay for information. You can read what others are writing, and there was no restriction. Mind you, I was doing nothing and had all the time in the world. This reading obsession grew and with time and I started writing. I took time, analysed very word over and over again, just to make sure it was correct. Sometimes I even took a whole day to complete one blog. To my surprise I was not that bad and people were actually liking what I had to share. All of this gave me confidence to write more and more.

From blogs I moved on to poems and then to stories and before I knew I was narrating themed poems and stories. Moving forward, I was then contacted by India’s leading journalist startup to write for them. It was a dream come true. By now people were actually paying me to write for them. I was just in college and my confidence was sky-high.

Writing was great but I also had great interest in computers and electronics too. I even created a smart robot in college.

There was a lot of support from my teachers and friends in college. I was doing all of this in my spare time just to satisfy my thirst of creation. And I was doing great at it. Eventually my interest in computers grew and from writing for humans, I started writing for machines. Now after five years I am successfully working in a startup as a Software Engineer and my work impacts millions of people every day. What happened to my writings? I still write whenever I feel the desire to.

and from writing for humans, I started writing for machines.

We all need some purpose in life to bring out the best out of ourselves. I guess the desire to create something is my purpose and it ultimately drives me forward.

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