Work From Home is the future. Embrace it.

Going to office was the least favourite thing of my life before coronavirus took the world by surprise. Although, I do miss interating with my fellow colleagues but I hated the commute.

Going to office was like going to college. For most of us college was all about friendship, memories and the fun. I never heard anyone complaning if they miss their classes or lectures. On a similar note office was also fun because of the people in it.

Office commute almost consumed 2-3 hours of my time everyday. If you add up it will be around 10 hours every week, 40 hours every month and 480 hours every year. That’s equivalent to 20 days every year, almost a month ( almost!! )

Losing a month every year to something I don’t like is not justifyable. Still I used to travel everyday ( 5 days a week ) because it was fun. But not anymore, it has been more than a year now I am working from home. And WFH is going to stay for some time now.

Neddless to say WFH isnt for everyone, there are people who need to get out and work in the real world. But for majority of techology industry WFH will continue for years in the future. And it will be better if we can embrace this change rather fighting against it.

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